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Newsletter July 2018

Patrons: Matthew Barley, Howard Goodall CBE, Claire Martin OBE, Rachael McShane

Summer School News 2018

Excitement is building as summer school is now approaching fast!! We are so looking forward to welcoming you on Saturday 4th August. This newsletter contains lots of useful information on how to get there, when to get there, what’s on, what to bring, what to expect and how to get the most out of the week long musical extravaganza that is The M4P Summer School of Music!! So, read on........


TIME OF ARRIVAL – Saturday 4th August

On arrival please report directly to the M4P Reception which will be clearly signposted. You may park on the car park adjacent to the main school buildings, or in the car park by The Sports hall, or opposite Style House.

Check in time is between 2pm and 4.30pm on Saturday. At Reception you will be given your envelope containing essential information such as your room number and door codes, and a timetable for the rest of the week. Please do not arrive before 2pm as staff will be preparing rooms from the previous holiday week. If you get there before then please take some time to have a look around Settle and Giggleswick.
Please note that we do NOT have access to the Richard Whitely theatre and classroom block until 4.30pm on the Saturday afternoon. This is because the National Youth Choir are performing a concert.


If you arrive between 5.00 and 6.00 pm, please go directly to the evening meal in the Refectory. There is a map of the site outside the office to help you find your way. If you arrive later, please get something to eat beforehand, as the Refectory will close at 6.00 pm. The Welcome Meeting will take place in the Theatre at 6.00 pm


BY ROAD: Giggleswick, Settle BD24 0DE

From the North - Giggleswick is next to the A65, the main link road between the M6 and Leeds. Approaching from the North, take the B6480 signposted ‘Settle’. Take the right turn signposted Giggleswick School. Continue down the lane until you see the school on your left.

From the South - From Leeds stay on the A65, and go straight on at the Settle roundabout, After about a mile taking the next turning on the right, signposted Giggleswick. At the crossroads, carry straight over into Raines Road, and on past the all weather pitch. Turn left at the T-junction, start to go up the hill and you will see the main entrance to the school on your right.


From the North - Trains from Edinburgh Waverley approximately every two hours. The school is five minutes by car from Settle station. M4P transport should meet each afternoon train. If you expect to arrive after 4.30pm, please contact us before the school. Details below.

From the South - Trains from London Kings Cross to Leeds. Change at Leeds for the train to Settle (every two hours). The school is five minutes by car from Settle station. If you expect to arrive after 4.30pm, please contact us before the school. Details below.


There will be a welcome meeting in the Theatre at 6pm. This will be your opportunity to meet the tutors and fellow students.  Tutors will expect you to attend all the sessions of the courses for which you have enrolled. Exceptions will be made only with the agreement of the appropriate tutors. If you have queries about the courses for which you have enrolled, or if you have any difficulty over choices of courses occurring at the same time in your timetable, you should discuss them before the school with Steve Taylor, 01254 387641 or with the tutor after the Welcome meeting on Saturday evening.  Some classes will have a get together on the Saturday evening after the welcome meeting. These are:
Jazz, all courses
String Orchestra
Chamber Winds
Brass and Sax


We have concerts on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. So if you have a party piece you’d like to perform, bring it along! We have very able piano accompanists who will be able to accompany you, and you can arrange a time with them to rehearse.

As we have a very full school this year there will be a great demand to perform at our student concerts on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Sign-up sheets are available on the M4P notice board just outside The Dining Hall. If you are going to perform an ensemble piece then GET YOUR NAME DOWN EARLY. There are ONLY 10 spaces per concert.


Still a few available for sale at summer school.!


Your invoice was sent to you in May together with the letter telling you that you had been enrolled for the school.  If you have not already paid the balance please may we remind you that 1st July was the final date for settlement, so your balance should be paid by return!

We reserve the right to cancel the enrolment of any student who has not paid the balance by the due date, and to allocate the place to another student.


If you are unable to attend the school would you please let us know immediately so we can fill your place. The School is fully booked this year. Please also inform us if, for any reason, you will be arriving after Saturday 4th August.

Tel:- Steve Taylor on 01254 387641


Please make sure that you have holiday insurance to cover you for unforeseen circumstances, also please make sure your instruments are insured. We cannot be held responsible if an instrument goes missing.


Please remember that there are no rooms with private facilities, so don’t forget that dressing gown! Towels are not supplied so please remember to bring enough for the week. There are no shaver points so, unless you are going to grow a beard, you will need to bring battery or wet shave razors.

If you like soft beds then please bring a single mattress topper with you or your favourite pillow if you have one!!!

Please do not bring any aerosols with you, they set off the fire alarm!!!!

If bedwetting is a possibility, please bring and fit your own plastic sheet.

Accommodation is in student halls set in the grounds of the school and is of a basic standard. Please be aware that as the site is hilly the accommodation and the classroom blocks are some distance apart, it is not ideal for those with mobility difficulties. Please contact Steve Taylor on 01254 387641 to discuss any accessibility issues.

Your room number along with a keycode to access your designated house will be given to you on arrival. Each house is equipped with a common room with tea / coffee making facilities, fridge and microwave. Student houses will have a student warden who will be responsible for fire drill and reporting any problems.

Please note that there is no smoking anywhere on the Giggleswick School site.


If you’d like to share with a friend then please let us have details by the 14th July All rooms have single beds. No double beds are available. Rooms have one, two, three, or four single beds.

Payment of the single supplement will aim to guarantee you a room to yourself. If this is not possible due to accommodation availability then your supplement will be refunded. Anyone not paying the single supplement can expect to be allocated a room with other students of the same sex.


These are allocated on a first come first served basis.


All meals are served in the light and airy Refectory. There will be a light lunch and the main meal will be served in the evening. If you have any special dietary requirements you have not indicated on your application form then please let us know as soon as possible. On arrival you will be issued with a name badge. Please look after it. You will need it to get your meals in the refectory. So, no badge, no meal!



Breakfast 08.00 - 08.45
Morning Coffee  10.30 - 11.00
Lunch 13.00 - 13.45
Afternoon Tea  15.15 - 15.45 
Evening Meal  17.45 - 18.30

On Saturday 4th August ONLY, the evening meal will be at 17.00.


There is wifi access onsite. Passwords will be given on arrival. Please bear in mind that mobile reception is patchy due to the hilly terrain and thickness of the school’s stone walls.


  • Any medication you may need

  • The usual toiletries, shampoo, soap, shower gel etc

  • If you like a soft bed then please bring a mattress topper with you! Also your own pillow if it is a special one you use!

  • Plastic bedsheet if necessary

  • Dressing Gown – remember there’s no private facilities!!!!

  • Enough towels for a week (bed linen is supplied)

  • Other suggestions from students have included earplugs, extra coathangers, blutac and over the door hooks and sink plugs!!

  • Music stand (with your name on it)

  • Spare reeds, strings etc

  • All your instrument (s)!! Even the ones you haven’t played in ages!!!

  • Music for yourself and possible ensembles with other students


You can pick this up when you register on arrival at the school. Please try and bring a black 2 ring clip folder to keep your music in


Please be on time and ready to start at the scheduled time for your classes.
Lateness is discourteous to both the tutor and your fellow students.


Please could any student (or available tutor) that is bringing a Brass instrument a French Horn or a Saxophone (especially a Bass Sax) to the school this year meet in the Sports Hall promptly at 4.30pm on Saturday 4th August for a short rehearsal. Please bring your instrument(s) and a music stand. Music will be provided.


Believe Ballroom will be giving some learning/practice dance sessions in the evenings so that you will be raring to take to the floor on Thursday evening with the Dance Band. So put on your dancing shoes and come along to

Jennie’s Nightclub
Sunday 10pm-11pm
Tuesday 10pm-11pm


Settle swimming pool is 10 minutes walk from the school and the school tennis courts are available for our use. So don’t forget your cozzie and racket and balls if you fancy a game. There are also lots of lovely walks around the school and the village.



Will you be staying in Settle the Friday evening before Summer School? If you can come to the school after breakfast we would really welcome your help. There are lots of jobs which need to be done before everyone arrives, stuffing envelopes, collating music, putting up notices etc. So if you are able to help us out then please contact Kevin John to let him know


Thank you to those of you who have already volunteered to be a buddy to someone who has not been before to summer school. You will be given the name of your new student at the Welcome Meeting at 18.00 on Saturday 4th August.


We would also like to ask for volunteers to act as house wardens. This entails checking the folder we will provide in each common room every morning to see whether anyone has reported a domestic problem (e.g. No toilet paper, a leaking sink etc) and, if so, informing a member of the committee at breakfast so that they can ensure it gets sorted out. We would also ask house wardens to collect a jug of milk from the Refectory for “their” kitchen after breakfast so that people can make their own tea and coffee Please NOTE this milk is NOT intended for students to make Breakfast with, you have paid for your breakfast in the Refectory please use it . You will also act as Fire Marshal for your house, checking off the names of students in your house at the assembly point in the unlikely event of a fire. If you are willing to take this on, please contact us at to volunteer or inform any of the committee on the day of arrival when you sign in.


Why not like our Facebook page and contact other students there? Why not log on to keep in touch with those you have met at the school, or to post some ideas or comments of your own.


A group photograph of everybody will be taken just before lunch on Sunday on the Headmasters lawn.. Copies will be available on the Music for People website. A nice memento of your stay at Giggleswick and of the friends you met there.


There will be a school notice board outside the dining room. Check it out regularly for news of what’s on where, lost and found, instruments for sale etc.


If you’d like to contribute to our one big raffle prize then please bring along your favourite luxury food item to add to the raffle hamper.


To act as a reminder there will be a photo ID Board of all tutors and committee members just in case you need to check!

Loads!! You won’t need to look for something to do in the evenings!

Day Where / What
Saturday Dutton Centre Bar Open from 7pm
Welcome Music Quiz in Jennie’s Night Club
Sunday Sunday Night at the Giggleswick Grand
Variety Concert
Dance Lessons in Jennie’s night Club
Monday Music and Poems of Social Significance
Folk Sing Around
Tuesday Student Concert
Dance Lessons in Jennie’s Night Club
Wednesday Student Concert
Thursday Dance to the M4P Dance Band
Friday Last night Ceilidh

There are two student concerts on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in the Theatre. Also on Monday Evening you have a chance to perform a song or a poem that you feel has some social significance.
These are for individual performers and small groups. The more varied items the better –solo singers, duettists, poetry readers, and small ensembles. If you would like to take part in any of these please put your name on the list on the school notice board when you arrive. To allow as many students as possible the chance to perform you are asked to initially put your name down for ONE solo performance only during the student concerts.
The bar will be open in the Dutton Centre from 7pm-12 midnight. (1am on Friday evening)
NB. Drinks and food are not to be taken into the Theatre


We have two qualified people who are our nominated First Aiders for the school - Hilary Levan and Steve Randall. There will be notices around the school saying how you can contact them and the First Aid box will be held on the shelf by the main entrance to the Richard Whiteley Theatre Please note that our First Aiders are NOT allowed to give out any medication or creams - including paracetamol, aspirin or antiseptic!
Please make sure you bring any medication that you need. There is a Boots in Settle just by the main square, and there is a GP Surgery in Settle, should you need to see a Doctor. Their phone number is 01729 822611


Please take time when you get to your room to familiarise yourself with the nearest fire exits. Remember in the case of a real fire smoke may mean you can’t see where you are going, so make sure you know, just in case.

Also when you are in a rehearsal room, find out where your nearest fire exits are.


No smoking is permitted inside the buildings or outside in the school grounds.
If you must smoke then please do so outside off the school premises and please bring a covered ashtray with you. Same rules apply to Vaping minus the ashtray!!


Most course concerts will take place on Friday. A performance schedule will be displayed on the notice board. Concerts may be recorded, but please bring your own recording equipment if you wish to have your own permanent reminder of the school


Non participating partners of students who are both staying at the school are welcome to attend all evening events. Former students, parents and friends of students will be welcome at the Friday concerts of the Summer School by prior arrangement with the Organiser. 


We are delighted to be able to welcome along several new tutors for this year,

Merel van der Knoop - Accompanist

Merel currently works as a freelance accompanist and vocal coach besides teaching singing, piano, leading choirs and being staff accompanist in two private schools in Wimbledon. She is also classical artist on board of P&O cruises

John Fuller - Folk Tutor

John is a prolific songwriter and has a fab folk following currently performing with three bands and a background in the record business for 11 years. He is looking forward to M4P week after having heard such a lot about it from Chris McShane!!!

Peter James Fewster - Assistant Brass Tutor

Peter is a trombonist who plays both Tenor and Bass Trombone and plays or has played in Brass Bands & Orchestras and Big Bands.

We wish them all a long and happy relationship with us!

Care of Instruments and moving around rehearsal and performance areas
Please be very careful about looking after your instruments at all times. The Summer School cannot be held responsible for damage to instruments or their loss. We would suggest that you make sure that you have appropriate instrument insurance for the school.

During rehearsals and performances, please take care to be careful of your own and others’ instruments. We advise students to pack up their instruments quickly at the end of a rehearsal or performance into their cases to keep them safe from people moving around and potentially knocking them and causing damage. Please use appropriate stands to protect them during rehearsals when you are not using them during rehearsal / performance.

If there are electronics / electronic instruments being used during rehearsal or performance, please be aware that there will be electronic leads, and take care to avoid them.


Percussion Ensemble: Students should bring a black shirt or top for the final concert. They should also bring any sticks, mallets and/or percussion equipment they can get their hands on! You may wish to bring earplugs if you have sensitive hearing (particularly on any percussion courses)!

Folk - The Times They Are A Changing We will look at protest songs from the 50s onwards focusing on writers such as Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Leon Rossellson, Ed Pickford and Billy Bragg. We will then go on to write songs reflecting political, environmental and social issues. We will also cover basic songwriting techniques and structure as well as melody and harmony.

Dance Band: Any student that may wish to play in the Dance Band should bring a black shirt or top and Black trousers or skirt for the performances. Please note there are NO formal rehearsals for the Dance Band, so please be prepared to play from scratch for dancing on the Thursday evening!

Symphony Orchestra: Any clarinettist signed up for this course may also need an A clarinet (depending on the music selected) and should bring one if they have access to one.

String Orchestra: A range of repertoire will be studied during the week, tailored to suit the ability of applicants.

Chamber Music: The tutors will bring a range of music to suit the participants, but students are also welcome to bring along their own repertoire (please make sure that any music is labelled carefully!)

Ceilidh Band: The Ceilidh Band will be a scratch band strutting its stuff as usual this year. The pad is available for download from the M4P website.. This year’s dress code for the band will be an alien Sci-Fi theme, so come as your favourite Kirk or Klingon, beam me up Scotty ….!!
Cheers, Chris and John

Do you suffer from Performance Anxiety?

Merel van der Knoop will be offering performance anxiety sessions to help. The class will be timetabled on a different session every day. There’s sure to be a high takeup rate as classes are limited in numbers so get your name on the sign up list quick!

Dalcroze Eurhythmics – Helen Dawson

This course uses physical movement to explore the elements of music, so participants should wear comfortable clothing. Eurhythmics is best practiced barefoot to allow free movement, but socks with rubber grips on the soles or split-sole jazz shoes are acceptable alternatives. We will explore various topics over the course of the week, including pulse, timing, harmony (hearing and identifying chords – don’t worry if you have no experience in this area!) and phrasing.


Student Gwen Cowan will be bringing The Oxford Book of English Madrigals and she will be looking for other like minded students to perform with. She can be contacted at

Do you play recorder
Student Helen Rollison will be bringing hers and music as well, so bring yours if you fancy some ad hoc recorder group playing



Thank you to everyone who made a donation to M4P at Summer School, especially if you found some interesting music or instrument from Jennie Vaughan’s estate that you will play and remember her by. Don’t forget if you are a tax payer you can gift aid your donations and increase their value by 25%. You may wish to make regular donations by Standing Order. Our details are on the website


More and more of us do much of our shopping on-line, and it can be a simple way of raising additional funds for Music for People at absolutely no cost to yourselves. Sites such as Amazon,, NEXT, Fashion World, Staples, John Lewis, HMV, Rated People, various Holiday sites and many more subscribe to the scheme which can raise anything from 1% to 15% of the amount you spend for M4P. We have already raised over £300 through this scheme, and it is so easy …

All you have to do is visit Easyfundraising and when you register, select Music for People (Summer School of Music) as the organisation you wish to support. Save the link in your Favourites list, then you can just click on the easyfundraising site and go through them each time you wish to shop online.

Searching the Internet: Even if you’re not buying anything online you can still help raise money for M4P every time you use the internet. Just use the easysearch search engine, part of easyfundraising. Easyfundraising is a member of the Institute of Fundraising.

M4P contacts

Registered Office
Ty Cerdd
49 Cosmeston Street
CF24 4LQ
Tel 0800 023 5631

Registered Charity No: 1122957

Music for People (Summer School of Music) is registered as a limited company in England, Registered No.6356502

We want this newsletter to be useful and informative – and we want you to feel you can use it too. If you have any information you wish to publicise to other summer school students eg: - you want to recruit members for a “self-organised group” at the school; - you are seeking or offering a lift to the school; - you have instruments or music for sale; please forward a short note to Jill Snowdon at or by snail mail -
Ty Cerdd,
49 Cosmeston Street,
CF24 4LQ
for inclusion in the next issue.