Useful Information

Early Bird Discount

Early Bird discount is £25 off the price as long as your application and Deposit of £60 reaches us before 27th April 2019

£50 Discount! If you bring a new student with you!
If you have attended the school before you will know just what a fantastic week it is. That’s why so many students come back regularly. Why not spread the word and encourage a friend to come with you this year! To encourage you we will give £50 discount on your school fees! If you are bringing one or more new students with you, please photocopy a blank application form as required and get them to complete it, then enter all their names on your application form up to a maximum of 3.
The discount is only applicable when both the new student(s) and yourself have paid the full fees by 1st July 2019.

£50 Discount Rules

  • A new student is defined as someone who has not previously attended the Music for People (Summer School of Music) summer school.
  • The discount is applicable if you are an existing student and you bring a new student to the school.
  • The discount is applicable only if both students are accepted for a place at the school and if both students pay their fee by 1st July 2019.
  • The discount is only applicable to the nominating student, not the new student.
  • A discount will apply for each new student you introduce, up to a maximum discount of £150
  • The discount is not applicable to a student bringing a non participant

Family Discounts – 25% of the cost of the school to a maximum of £660

This is a brand new discount, introduced to make it easier for family groups of 4 persons or more to attend Summer School as participants. This Discount is available for groups from the same family. For example, if a grand-parent, 2 parents and 1 “child”, even if that “child” is over 18 years old, attend as participants, a discount of 25% of the cost for the family group will be applied. Please state the names of each family member on a separate piece of paper and send it to us with your application. The discount will be applied when all the applications for the family have been received and paid.
This separate from the CHILD discount which is £50 per child.

One rule to rule them all …

We try to be as competitive as we can with our prices and to keep the cost as low as possible, however as you have a choice of discounts to claim and we need to remain solvent so we can continue to provided the kind of Summer School that we do, we have decided that only ONE of the discounts can be applied. The choice is yours, claim the discount that gives you the most benefit.
There is only one discount that is not included in this, and that is the Early Bird discount, this applies to all, so get your applications in by the 28th April 2019 to become eligible

Methods of Payment

You can enrol and pay on-line. We can accept Debit cards.
Alternatively you can pay by internet bank transfer;
Our Bank: The Co-operative Bank plc
Account Name: Music for People (Summer School of Music)
Account Number: 65272019
Sort Code: 08-92-99
Payment Reference: M4P, followed by your name – to help us recognise who has sent the payment
Payment from Abroad
If you are paying from abroad, you may wish to make a Direct Payment into the M4P account. The Numbers you would require are:
IBAN: GB74CPBK08929965272019
Swift / BIC Code: CPBKGB22 Please note that if you pay this way, the exchange rate may change and we may not receive the correct amount. In this case we shall contact you to let you know. Also, you will probably be charged by your bank for using this service.

Choosing your Courses

First and foremost, ensure that none of the sessions of your chosen courses clash. Several courses run over more than one session, and the sessions do not always follow immediately after each other. Check the crosses on the timetable carefully. We realise that some courses will clash, but this is the inevitable consequence of offering such a wide range of subjects. You need to decide whether you want to try something completely new, or whether you wish to stick with the familiar. You also need to think about whether you wish to concentrate on one area, or have as much variety as possible. Whatever you decide, you must commit to the courses as timetabled, as missing classes to attend sessions of other courses can only happen if approved by BOTH tutors concerned.
Consider your own personal stamina. It could be possible to enrol for courses that fill every session, but you might find yourself exhausted by the middle of the week! There is entertainment of one sort or another every evening, and you could end up having a lot of late nights on top of a heavy schedule during the day. We encourage students to organise their own ad hoc groups, to ensure that they can make the sort of music they want to, even if it isn’t available on the timetable. In the past such groups have included madrigal singing, recorder groups and doo-wap singing. If you think you might be interested in setting up a group of this type, either put a note on the M4P facebook page, or let us have details to put in Summer School News, or put up a notice once you are at the school.