What our students say …

“The tutor had a brain the size of a planet. He knew his subject intimately and is an excellent teacher. “
“A door to a whole new world has been opened for me.”
“Excellent teaching and fun”
"Very enjoyable and well presented. Richard is hugely knowledgeable and supportive "
“ The most amazing course. You have instilled a life long philosophy. I enjoyed it and had such a laugh”
“Really enjoyed the big band course - the rehearsals were tight and well run.”
“Simon's writing of tailored parts is great.”
“I found it challenging and a bit daunting to be in such a large orchestra!”
“Simon was an outstanding tutor and leader - working at a good pace with a clear idea where he wanted to go. Extremely facilitating and encouraging."
“Singing in the chapel was a particular highlight. Really inspired by Darren's highly accomplished yet friendly approach.”
“Rob led a wonderfully immersive and cooperative workshop, encouraging the insecure and involving all.”
“George's calm style and Steph's friendly humour were a great combination.”
“Although I did not have a fully ready piece, I received a lot of good ideas that will work on my composition in future.”
“Loved playing my Eleuke in the Dixie!!”
“You only had to hear the standard of singing in the Jazz Voice Student Concert, to know how good Lauren is with the utterly amazing support of Pete. “
“Tom is an amazing human metronome! He is very patient with complete beginners taking us from the rudiments through to an ensemble piece”
“Thanks Darren for a fabulous orchestral session. 1812... Great fun”
“First orchestra experience. Now feel confident to consider playing in one”
“This was made by the quality of the tutor. It did what it said on the tin!”
“Darren's style is perfect for M4P. He has just the right combination of gravitas, discipline, encouragement and empathy.”
“Real dedication by the tutors to ensure everyone gave of their best.”
“HUGE THANKS AGAIN!!! What a week - still buzzing with music and came home playing rhythms on the piano that would have been impossible ten days earlier.”
“Watching Pete's hands and listening to the unbelievably diverse patterns within his playing have opened my palette of musicality. Wonderful.”