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M4P 2021 Summer School of Music

Summer School 7th -14th August 2021​ cancelled

Rest assured we will be back in 2022 from 6th-13th August!

The organising committee have discussed various options and ‘variations on a theme’ and have recultantly decided that we have to cancel the 2021 summer school We know how disappointed you will be to hear this news.

Our first responsibility is that we run a safe summer school. The committee looked at all the information we currently have and agreed that we are not able to say that we would be able to do this.

We will be exploring some other options for summer school classes and will be in touch with you next month about this.

If we still have your deposit fee held over from last year we will send you a separate letter.

In the meantime don't forget that you can join in our M4P Monthly Student Zoom Concert which takes place on the last Thursday of every month. The Zoom details are available on request. Take care and keep up the practice!!!

Rest assured we will be back in 2022 from 6th-13th August!

Next Summer School
6th to 13th August 2022

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"And this shall be for a bond between us: that we are of one blood you and I; that we have cried peace to all and claimed fellowship with every living thing; that we hate war and sloth and greed, and love fellowship, and that we shall go singing to the fashioning of a new world." William Morris.